YouTube Comment Bot & Upvote

You are looking for a YouTube comment bot ? to generate views or traffic to your business, imagine thousands of comments in first on videos of your choice, it brings you a lot of visitors, comments are highly secure and our bot gets the latest updates for YouTube

How to make traffic and views with comment bot ?

As a first step, you must enter your keyword so that the software does a search on youtube to then recover the videos and it will post comments, add also the number of pages researching.

youtube comment bot

Now then find your user-agent for this is very easy, type on Google “my user agent”

copy to add on the software, you can combine several for example {useragent1|useragent2|useragent3} make sure it uses the latest version of YouTube, this method are create for not use the same as the others.

Bot comment for youtube

Load accounts to commenting in YouTube

In order to be able to make thousands of comments you will obviously need YouTube accounts, it is better to get accounts that you buy with a minimum of activity, the accounts just create for only purpose spam, Google will detect you and the disables.

On the software click on “Load accounts” then add your text file with your accounts in this format: “email, password, email_recovery” this will allow make you sure to login to the account because google might ask you for a verification for login. Make sure using Notepad++

youtube accounts pva
bot youtube

Make your comment to post on YouTube

To create your comment it’s easy, you can use the format spintax like this: {text1|text2|text3} then your links if you wish {link1|link2|link3} honestly it will not help you or will not be advantageous but it’s always better.

Just below in “number comments per account”, add the number of comments per account, so if you choose 2 for example with 5 accounts and you have 10 links the software will post 2 comments per account for terminate to 10 with your 5 accounts

Once you have done all its configuration press “Run” at the top left, you can save your comments the backup file found are on your desktop, to add proxies in the “YouTube comment bot” use dedicated or semi dedicated in this format: “ip, port, user, pass” Good luck πŸ™‚

How to upvote your comments on YouTube ?

This is the next step to increase the visibility of your comments, at first, get the backup of your comments create with the software in the text file, it will have to look like that: 

It is quite possible that a part does not work, for the following causes, too many comments with link of website, comments send to the spam, comments block by keyword or link.

It’s for this reason that we will load the comments in the tab “comments checker” then “Run” so that the software check functional comments only and save them on your desktop

After checking all your comments the software should get you out a file like that :

With this time a list of your comments that all works and ready to up-vote πŸ™‚

Now click on the tab “Liker comments” load your youtube accounts with the format: “email,password,email_recovery” as a text file, then load your functional comments and check right before,, do not forget to click on “like comment”this will give this : 

click on “Run” and the software will upvote you all your comments in order to put them on top of lists on each videos and then gain traffic or views!

How to make upvote that YouTube accepts and counts the liking ?

As you knew YouTube e made big update for upvote comments, so it becomes more difficult but still a lot of possible again, at first you will need active accounts (to post comments and add likes to comments) works in both directions, it is important to have a good activity on each account so that the likes are counted but also for the comment do get many liking and having effect to upvote.

We can offer you a software to check your accounts able to function correctly for upvote comments.

How to buy cheap YouTube accounts with activity

For mass YouTube they probably sure that you would need active accounts and not just create at the moment i can only advise you accounts verified by phone like :

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